Please make sure that everything is clearly named including
shoes, bags and hats.

Navy tunic
Pale blue shirt
Navy V-neck jumper
Navy blazer with school badge
Navy knee-length socks
Navy blue plain shoes (no lights etc)
Navy felt hat with badge
School Tie
Navy Blue winter coat
Navy woolly hat with logo

Blue cotton dress
Summer raincoat with embroidered logo
Summer hat with badge
White, plain short socks (no frills)
Plain navy blue shoes

Also required: – book bag, protective summer hat, royal blue art overall, house t-shirt (red,blue,yellow).
All girls also require a fabric napkin for lunchtime in their lunchbox (available from the PA if needed).
The bespoke uniform is stocked by Lyndale Sports Ltd, Augres, Trinity. All generic uniform can be bought from most high street retailers.

Helvetia House is very proud of its uniform and so the blazer and hat must be worn travelling both to and from school (even if your daughter is in the car please) and when the children are out and about after school.

Navy blue shoe stockists (can be called Atlantic leather online)
Fit Footwear, Seale Street, St Helier
Heffords, St Peter

GYM KIT (All girls)
Embroidered (navy crest) white polo shirt
Navy cotton shorts (not nylon please)
Predominantly white trainers
Royal blue tracksuit

Swimming kit (Pre Prep, I and II)
Swimming costume (any colour)
Swimming hat (not cotton material, it must be waterproof)
Named swimming bag (any colour)

Boots (for those who walk to school). Must change into school shoes on arrival at school.
Navy tights in the winter
Navy scarf and gloves

SECONDHAND UNIFORM is available through the PA. Please contact Anna Field either on annalemarquand@hotmail.com
or via messenger as she is a member of the PA Facebook Group